You know what inspires salons to engage with your business, but you lack the resources to create the education systems and seasonal collections you know you need. That is why and where CoCre8 comes in, harnessing the experience, wisdom and vision of Christopher Dove and John Simpson who bring both content and context to help you create a powerful presence amongst the sea of products, images and brands. 

We have had the opprotunities to create education for some of the industries most prestigous brands. Through On Stage Education, Team Training and Show Production,Anonymous Curriculmn for Training, Product Development, Photographic Collections as well as LIVE Events.

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CoCre8'ing with THE BLONDS

CoCre8 Creative Moments... This is our CoCre8 for Intercoiffure Fall Atelier in NYC 2015. THE “MAJOR” Moment is to be styled and to co create with The BLONDS fashion designers, which was Christopher’s Dream Come True. The look features light and shadow play to expand the shape and style.


CoCre8 Premier Orlando 2016 "Secrets"

Premiere Orlando 2016 is a CoCre8 moment of strength. Being asked back by Premiere immediately following our Premier 2015 Show, is MAJOR! Our education release “SECRETS” is taking the elements of fashion, trend relevancy and salon functionality. Our “Secret” is no secret not told. Its our Secrets to success, Secrets to achieving the color placements and hair cuts, and the Secrets about our inspirational and personal journey. We are completely proud of this collection as it had the audience leaping to their feet and craving even more of our “Secrets”

CoCre8 for ReGenesis by Revitalash is the perfect collaboration of educational curriculum supported by brands. This Image Trailer Shows the making of our CoCre8 Collection for ReGenesis titled "ILLUSIONS" The solutions to fine and thinning hair through cut, color and style.

CoCre8 at INtercoiffure NYC Fall Atelier

CoCre8 Intercoiffure is a CoCre8 Moment which we were asked to co create a collection which embodied luxury, style and function. The sophisticated and classic with a twist approach to the hair cutting, hair coloring and hair finishing was an amplified version of salon methods. Strong exteriors and soft interiors accentuated by multi tonal shades against clean backgrounds. This collection titled “Illusions” is a brilliant example of how CoCre8 creates the method, for you to Cre8 the look.

CoCre8 Premier Orlando 2015 "Main Stage"

This moment is our very first appearance together as CoCre8 Education at Premiere Orlando 2015. The show called “Dangerous Liaison” includes our education collection titled “Iridescent Warriors”. Our thoughts and theories uniting as one message. The methods speak to iridescent colors n cool deep shadowed backgrounds with intentional melted placement of accents. The light and dark combinations along with interior texture provide versatility for the individual wearing it.