CoCre8 bagan as a Love Story which ultimately becam a brand of education. The “8” is actually a combination of our initials CDJS.

We have found multiple meanings along the way about our 8 such as “New Beginnings’ & “Infinity” however it originated from us as us. Ultimately we have become a brand of Independant Education. Our combination of experience with different manufacturers and points of view have united as one message together as both partners in education and in life.

Christopher and John have over 50 combined years of industry experience. Individually they have achieved global recognition, awards, and accolades for their body of work in education,for major hair color manufacturers as well as print, television and film within the industry. 

In education and mentoring ,they have achieved lead creative positions from major hair manufacturers to mentoring salon organizations and individuals. Facilitating from major stages of thousands to intimate gatherings As leaders in the hair and beauty industry, their combined collaborations of hair coloring, cutting and finish work are universally recognized. Together they CoCre8 their message of education to salon professionals for full beauty imagery , convey the message of inspiration and skilled discipline through technique and love of their craft. Encouraging the industry to reclaim and regener8 their passion and creative expression. Always leaving audiences craving for more.

CoCre8 Education Harnesses the experience, wisdom and talent of Christopher Dove and John Simpson to co-create with you and bring your vision to life. Our love of creating modern style, electrifying color palletes and energetic finishes turning “trend” into “trend relevant”.

Through collaboration, connection and compassion, CoCre8 empowers both brands and salons by co-creating educational content for the real world. When you engage with CoCre8, you will experience classic with a twist education methods designed to be used in the real world, for the real world. CoCre8 creates the method and the tools for success, you Cre8 the look!

Christopher Dove

Christopher Dove has had his individual identity , as well as was with a co branded team of The Doves.

Through the years with Wella, he has had the titles of Global Ambassador and Creative Director. The role in the USA as creative direction of Academy , Shows and Educational development was all through the North American market place. This was the educational message of the technicals of the brand as well as the key sales relationship through education of the brand . Show Direction and content and stage technicals from models, mood, clothing (created or purchased) graphics and music along side the Show Director.

The Academy and educational events ranges from sold out programs in North America and Global ranging from academy at 40 to 45 attendees to Traveling Tour Events ranging from200-300 attendees per market place and venue.

Globally, Chris has been responsible for the Trend Vision Collections of look,feel, technical writing and applications as well as the trend forecasting for the years global image. This would be followed by Global Presentations with audiences of approximately 5-8 thousand varying per year and country presented in. Following these events along side , acting as a Mentor to the Winning Competitors as well as a Global Judge of the finished looks was a large piece of his role. In his Global Ambassador role, he has also been influential in the product testing and development with formatting the technical translations and applications to the hair dresser.

John Simpson

John Simpson with Goldwell and KAO for the last years has been Lead Artistic Director and Global Master.

With each of these , the role was to develop and train the Artist Team and Show Travel Team to be the top presenters they can be. Business through education development of how to develop sales through an educational message. Program writing and development for Academies as well as Major Show Productions from start to finish. Look, Image, Technical applications and verbiage , Mood, Model Selection , graphics and music along side of the Show Director.and the USA Tour Shows which were in markets across America. Presentations on major stages as well USA tour productions . WebCast and Webinar production start to finish as well as production .

The Global title, was to develop trend based yearly collections and images. The writing of the global technical step by step with the concepts of hair cutting and hair coloring . The other was for signature series collections of new tools , new hair color support images and techniques as well as campaign writing and head form diagram developments. The most recent was for two new hair color products which have just dropped in the USA market place. Global Stage presentations of the trend collections as well as Global Education Presentations for all of the country leaders