The Art of RAZOR Cutting and Color MOVEMENT

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AORCACM CoCre8 Beautiful People Red-8-DSC2676_F-cropped.jpg

The Art of RAZOR Cutting and Color MOVEMENT

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Razoring is a vital technique for creating beautiful movement and texture, and it’s a must for creating movement. It takes finesse and skill!

This CoCre8 Creative Edge program, will teach you the fundamental principles of razor cutting – the when and the why – plus techniques you can use the moment you get back to your salon.

We’ll cover everything from creating invisible layers for clients with long or thick hair to executing surface and detail razoring techniques you’ll love.

We also introduce important skills such as how to analyze hairlines, growth patterns and texture to customize each look. 

Next will be the color methods specific to razor-cut hair and how to elevate all of your color work including methods of foiling, painting, melting and shadowing. Making every look “Trend Relevant” for every market. CoCre8 develops the methods, for you to Cre8 the look. 

Each Attendee Receives Education Work Sheets, Head Sheets, Class Certificate and Mannequin Head.


  • Feather Razor ( NOT TEXTURIZING BLADE)

  • Shears

  • Texturizing Shears

  • Clips

  • Paddle Brush/Wet Brush

  • Medium Round Brush

  • Foiling Comb

  • Cutting Comb

  • Gloves

  • Spray Water Bottle

  • Blow Dryer

  • Apron (optional)

  • Extra Gloves

  • Clips

  • Extra Foil

  • Plastic Film

All ticket sales are final and tickets will not be refunded. Fully paid off tickets may be transferred to another stylist or sold to another stylist in the case of an emergency. Payments are considered non refundable money containers.  

Art of Razor Cutting & Color Movement

OCTOBER 20th & 21st, 2019