Salons have the passion to serve and help make your clients look and feel beautiful which comes from not only understanding what you are doing, but why you are doing it. Harnessing the experience, wisdom and talent of Christopher Dove and John Simpson, your salon will thrive by creating a deeper connection with your team through a shared artistic and technical excellence. By co-creating with you, bringing your vision to life.

 CoCre8 Education develops the methods for you to Cre8 the look! 

All CoCre8 Education is Customized to accommodate your salons needs. 

1 or 2 DAY EVENTS to suite your salons needs and schedule.

1 or 2 ARTISTS to Cre8 the In Salon Experience you feel most beneficial.


To co create an In Salon Experience- contact us at



CoCre8 Education and Customized Events

ALL CoCre8 IN SALON Education is different than what is offered in the CoCre8 ACADEMY or On The Road = Show Classes.

The Education is designed to Accomodate all the needs for your salon and the advanced education desired.


Cut & COLOR= The Art of Razor Cutting & Color Movement - PROGRAM OPTION 1

Razoring is a vital technique for creating beautiful movement and texture, and it’s a must for creating movement. It takes finesse and skill!

This CoCre8 Creative Edge program, will teach you the fundamental principles of razor cutting – the when and the why – plus techniques you can use the moment you get back to your salon.

We’ll cover everything from creating invisible layers for clients with long or thick hair to executing surface and detail razoring techniques you’ll love.

We also introduce important skills such as how to analyze hairlines, growth patterns and texture to customize each look. 

Next will be the color methods specific to razor-cut hair and how to elevate all of your color work including methods of foiling, painting, melting and shadowing. Making every look “Trend Relevant” for every market. CoCre8 develops the methods, for you to Cre8 the look. 

Each Attendee Receives Education Work Sheets, Head Sheets, Class Certificate and Mannequin Head.


  • Feather Razor ( NOT TEXTURIZING BLADE)

  • Shears

  • Texturizing Shears

  • Clips

  • Paddle Brush/Wet Brush

  • Medium Round Brush

  • Foiling Comb

  • Cutting Comb

  • Gloves

  • Spray Water Bottle

  • Blow Dryer

  • Apron (optional)

  • Extra Gloves

  • Clips

  • Extra Foil

  • Plastic Film




Corrective hair color is approximately 85% of the salon guests we see in our salons daily. Not all require a complete “fix” , however most require a creative corrective adjustment. Through precision formulation and simplicity of design in your hair color, have a better understanding of how to Conquer the hair color obstacles vs. Camouflage them. Place your signature on the Hair Color situations we face every day in the language of color.. Every color!

“The Art of Painting, Foilayage, Smudges & Transitions as well as the obstacles that we face behind the chair””

This program is brand neutral in content.

Multi Sectional Workshops including theory of… 

Shadows vs. Lowlights

Creative vs. Corrective

Painting & Packets

Lift & Conquer

“Squashing” the warmth

Embracing the Gold

Pure Color Melting & Creativity

Saturation & Reflection

New Neutrals

Cre8tive Corrections- Version 1 & 2 

This program is designed for any and all Hair Color Brands 






How to elevate and create the styling success both your creative side craves for your photoshoots and inspiration looks, to the creative looks your salon guests desire daily. 

Are you hungry for inspiration? As artists, we can never get enough of the ideas and impulses that satisfy our need to be creative, and most importantly to create beautiful hair. Our clients come to us for our ideas and creativity, but where do we find our inspiration?

CoCre8 Education programs are essential for you to take your work to the next level – artistically, creatively and technically. Cover to Consumer delivers the sets, styles and sophistication to take your finishing game to the next level. CoCre8 develops the methods for you to Cre8 the look. 



CoCre8 Speciality Photo Shoot Workshop

Capturing Creativity: Through the Lens - Program Option 4

A CoCre8 Look & Learn experience behind-the-scenes of creating the perfect photoshoot.

Join John Simpson and Christopher Dove on in Orlando, FL, as they share their secrets to create the perfect look and have it translated into a photographic collection.

This CoCre8 program is for any licensed salon professional looking to learn how to do a photo shoot, how to maximize those photographs and most importantly, how to up your profile via freelance work. Learn how to translate or capture your interpretation of “trend” or “editorial” style.

While many who attend have done photo work before, this is a perfect program for the first time artist comfortable with his or her ability to style hair. 

Topics include:

    •    How to Cre8 hair that is cut/colored/styled for the lens, not just “real life”

    •    How to find a model

    •    How to find an agency

    •    How to get the most out of a photo session

    •    How to work with the photographer and other professionals at a photo shoot

    •    What to expect at a photo shoot

    •    What to bring to a photo shoot

    •    How to work with a professional model

    •    How to deal with the various personalities at a studio

    •    How to submit your work/collections to Beauty Trade

    •    Shooting terminology





Event would feature our CoCre8 Eduction as a visual “Look & Learn” Experience. This would feature our most recent CoCre8 Collection . Live models and demonstrations packed with education.


Inquire about CoCre8 Education and Look and Learn Events

CoCre8 Look and Learn Events

This CoCre8 moment captures the prep work, the assembly of education line up and a sneak peek into what our CoCre8 Look and Learns are all about. Its more than a show, its knowledge wrapped in glamour. This event was in Atlanta and Hosted by Salon Gloss.